Is Ottavia Bourdain VLC/primal?


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 Anthony Bourdain is a food celebrity, author of Kitchen Confidential and host of No Reservations. Today Reddit posted an interview with him which has mysterious been taken down, but in it he mentioned his wife's all-meat diet. With the death of VLC celeb "The Bear", perhaps Ottavia Bourdain can carry on the torch. She does mixed martial arts. I don't think VLC works for many people, but for some people it provides the best results. As long as you are careful to consume organ meats and seafood, it can be effective, especially as a way to treat stomach disorders, though most people find that eventually they can add some carbs in. 

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@Skawtnyc @ruhlman last time I had a piece of fruit was July of 2010 and that was a special occasion. I don't eat bread or pasta. Ever.

Since she Tweets about meat-mecca Takashi, hopefully she is getting her share of liver and egg yolks.