Paleo Kitchen Skillshare!


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If you live in NYC, you should definitely check out this week's Paleo Kitchen Skillshare. It's an event where we will be sharing crazy paleo kitchen skillz for optimizing your diet and making delicious food. 

I've also been getting lots of comments asking how I cook certain things. I thought I'd also share some basic techniques for those of you not able to make this week's skillshare:

  • Save your "pickle juice": If you buy good quality lacto-fermented pickles/sauerkraut, make sure to save the juice leftover. You can use it instead of whey in pickle recipes like this one for ginger carrots
  • Fat rendering cooking method: I cook pork belly this way since it is fatty enough to be delicious even if you have rendered some fat out. That rendered fat can be used later in other recipes like those in the Momofuku cookbook or in confit. The way I do this is by putting the pork belly or fatback in the crock pot overnight on low. To eat the delicious belly, simply brown it after cooking and season it with salt and pepper. 
  • Cooking in wine: most people seem to know this, but I didn't. I never cared for wine, so I always ignored it in recipes. Woe is me...restaurants use wine for a good reason! Last night I braised a lamb shank in red wine in the crock pot on low overnight. It was AMAZING. Cooking in wine also protects delicate fats since the wine contains antioxidants.