Phytic Acid in Common "Paleo" Foods


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 Dr. Emily Deans has a post on the possibly beneficial effects of phytic acid, which is commonly demonized as an antinutrient. As she points out, its effects are complex. I think they are quite minimal if your diet is rich in minerals, but I think most Americans do not eat such a diet and even people trying to eat a better diet can have marginal consumption. A common misconception is that it's only present in grains in seeds, but it's also present in nuts and vegetables too, as shown in this chem book:

Perhaps if you want the benefits of phytic acid, just eat some nuts or coconut as a snack sometimes, but perhaps don't mix nuts with foods you are relying on for minerals. Sadly, no data for macadamia here. FYI here are the refs for cereal and legumes

Obviously I'm not going to post the rest of the book here, but if there is a food you are interested in, lemme know in the comments.