Quick Cupcake and coconut oil coupon!


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I'm not big on making desserts, but for special occasions this is a great quick recipe and I think it's quite a fun project for kids. It's also very filling and makes small servings, which makes it an ideal treat.

It's simple: just halve a Lara Bar of your choice and either use a silicone cupcake mold or your hands to make it into a "cupcake" shape. Then I made some icing with mixing some coconut manna/butter with a dash of honey, lemon juice, and vanilla. Then I mixed some delicious Kelapo Fair Trade coconut oil into that until it was the right texture to ice. I decorated with coconut flakes.

I got this idea from an excellent raw vegan blogger, who made an even more impressive version. 

If you want to try the excellent Kelapo Organic Fair Trade Coconut Oil, I have a coupon code you can use for 20% off! It's HGL20 and it's valid until Dec 18th