Quick Meal Replacement Ideas


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What do you eat when you've overslept and you have 10 minutes to spare before a big meeting? Or you have to go straight from work to a concert where there will be dancing and you want to have energy. I try not to make these situations a habit, but they do happen, particularly in NYC. Luckily I also work next to a Fairway, a glorious giant grocery store from heaven. I've stocked my desk with ten million trillion types of tea and also these things:

Tanka Bar: a Lakota jerky and dried cranberry bar that has a little bit more fat than regular jerky.

Macadamia nuts: a great source of monosaturated fat and less PUFA than most other nuts

Dried coconut: saturated fat for the win! 

Roast chestnuts: starchy energy, quite similar nutritonally to the Stone Age "bread" that's been in the news lately.

The mix of what I eat depends on the situation. Yesterday for my reaaaaaally long meeting I chose two Tanka bars and a bunch of macadamia nuts. For the dancing I'd want more of the saturated fat and starch for quick energy.

Chestnuts are kind of under the radar in paleo because they do have a bit of sugar, but I find them very satisfying and tasty.

They are relatively uncommon in the US because a blight killed off most of our trees. But foresters are working to bring them back. They are kind of annoying to roast because you have to score them, which for clumsy me usually means stabbing them with a screwdriver.