Robb Wolf on Paleo Brands


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 When someone sent me the infamous soybean oil "paleo" cod, I didn't realize Robb Wolf was involved. He explained it all in a comment:

Hey folks!
Robb Wolf here, part owner in Paleo Brands and apparently Satan himself.

Let’s tackle a few things here, the first being the soybean oil in the meal. This was, a complete fuck-up. We had recipes which contained nothing like this, we had someone working on finalizing the meals…and this person allowed our manufacturer to add “seemingly innocuous” ingredients like soybean oil. I had a fit, the person was fired and the meals were already in production. So, y’all appear to be looking for a Pound of Flesh, so here it is: I take full responsibility for this, it’s my fault. Melissa, if this is inadequate I’ll make myself available for a kick to the groin. Our next iteration of the meals will NOT have “seemingly innocuous” ingredients, but Dr. Harris is not a fan of Olive Oil so I suspect this will be an ongoing “thing”.

Before someone freaks out about honey in our grass fed beef jerky, it’s in there. There is SUGAR in our Gaia loving jerky. It’s there for a reason, as a PRESERVATIVE, and it has a pal with it, sodium chloride. We can sell jerky without these items and we effectively become a peddler of mold, packaged as jerky. I personally worked on stability studies on this formulation and it’s the minimum amount of salt and sugar we can use and still maintain some semblance of shelf stability. Now the funny thing here is honey is a large part fructose, which I think most folks generally agree is not the best stuff. So I could use granulated dextrose in the formula, it would chemically be BETTER, but the purists would cry foul for putting a “chemical” in the formula. Oi.

I’d also like to address the plan for Paleo Brands: It is a food company focused on grass fed meat, wild caught (sustainable) fish and local, organic vegetables. We are working on decentralized manufacturing and distribution centers to facilitate the locality element and it’s still a work in progress. I blog constantly on local, sustainable agriculture, CSA’s and similar decentralized food networks:

Given the high standards of the commentators I’m sure I’m getting something wrong with that project and the CSA’s and meat shares that are run out of my gym!

Melissa, you mentioned some things about transparency so here I am being transparent. My plan is to:
1- Build a network of Liberty Garden practitioners and mentors around the world. These people will break out of the mega-food mess and help their friends, family and neighbors do the same.
2-Connect those people who cannot or WILLNOT grow some of their own food to CSA’s, co-ops and meat shares. This will provide decentralized food production which will drive local economies and reduce total energy cost for food production.
3-Create CME education for primary healthcare providers and researchers in evolutionary medicine. These people can act as hubs for information related to the above, and to the notion that evolutionary medicine is the best medicine.
4-Build Paleo Brands into a successful company that sells meals composed of grass fed meat, wild caught fish and organic vegetables. This will serve a need which no matter how much the purists want to go away, will be here for he foreseeable future.

So, if the above makes me Satan or a sell out, guilty as charged. I’m pretty sure what I’m doing is helping a hell of a lot of people. I’ve taken responsibility the evils of soybean oil in our meals, future meals will NOT contain stuff like this, if you like the other projects I’m working on please support those. If this invalidates all of my motives, there are lots of other blogs and podcast to follow, projects to support. If anyone is in Chico, CA this weekend swing by for our Paleo Potluck where we teach people how to cook the great food they get at the CSA and farmers market. I’ll keep the soybean oil to a minimum.

Thanks Robb! Nobody thinks you are Satan! Only one thing can be Satan, and that's Soybean Oil.