The Sad State of Salads

 I found this excellent little place called Wisma at the French Market near my office. They caught my eye because their salad dressings are made with olive oil and they have grass-fed free range meat.

The problem? Their salads. And I find this is a common problem at many restaurants. Because by the logic of these restaurants, if you want salad, it must mean you are into "health food." And if you are into "health food" you must be watching the fat content and definitely you don't want any evil red meat or anything. 

The result is I often look at the sandwich menus at restaurants and my mouth waters, but the salads are kind of blah. At Wisma you can get a salad with meat, but it's skinless boneless chicken breast. It's not bad, especially since the dressing is so good and it comes with parmesan cheese, but I have to buy extra dressing. 

Meanwhile in sandwich land, there is Q7 Ranch roast beef and blue cheese. Wouldn't that be awesome on a salad? 

Also, wouldn't it be awesome if they could expand their range of gluten-free entrees by using corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas? I think anyone who is into Mexican food would agree corn tortillas are better anyway and there are many excellent local places in Chicago that hand-make them. 

But the good thing about frequenting local businesses is that regular customers often do have an influence, so I definitely plan on asking them about whether they can offer salads for people who like to eat, a group I was informed I am part of when I was at Au Cheval and I ordered two types of liver pate. 

then maybe a salad would make me this happy

Speaking of Chicago, I definitely recommend checking out this blog called From Belly to Bacon no matter where you live. It contains recipes for pork skin noodles and pickled nasturtium buds.