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Welcome to version 2.0 of HuntGatherLove. I started this site four years ago as a place for my thoughts about food and diet. Turns out my views have evolved quite a lot since then and this page has gone through several versions. I used to recommend a lot of diet books, overlooking some of the huge flaws in them because I felt that overall their message was positive. But the more time I spent in the health and diet community, the more I realized that those flaws end up acting like a virus, spreading stealthily through the internet with their flaws increasingly magnified.

A good diet book is hard to find. There are very few I can recommend these days. I encourage people to explore food beyond the dogma of dieting. I recommend long and short form reads regularly via Twitter and you can view my book recommendations on my books page. My book recommendations include cookbooks that will teach you more about food than just recipes, as well as explorations of food science and culture. The few diet books are very targeted towards self-experimentation and solving specific issues.

Some of my more popular recommendations on different diets and their flaws:

Veganism- LetThemEatMeat interview, I recommend Denise Minger's take on The China Study

Paleo- Breaking Up With Paleo, Paleofantasy, Paleo & IBS

This page is a work in progress so check back often for more links and useful information.