Treats that I appreciate: chocolate tea and French lard sauerkraut


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I mostly eat locally produced foods, but I do like to have some treats now and then. Today I had two incredibly delicious things.

On an impulse I picked up some French sauerkraut from Fairway made by Andre Laurent. Yes, the French really do it better. Maybe some day we'll figure it out. Yesterday I had some sauerkraut at Fette Seu in Williamsburg and while my friend Zev appreciated it, I found it rather chrunchy and "young" tasting, meaning it just didn't have any flavor besides acid.

The Andre Laurent sauerkraut contains lard, bacon, champagne (it's from the Champagne region of France), and juniper berries. It is cabbage transfigured and tastes redolent of sumptuous fat. Mmm. I only wish Fairway would carry their entire product line (White beans cooked in goose fat anyone?), but I guess the raw stuff wasn't selling well because they don't carry anymore and only have the tins. I suspect we have more work to do to convince people that duck fat and lard are GOOD things to see on ingredient list.

Last week when was perusing a tea display with a handsome & intelligent young man, he asked me "what made you get into tea?" Well, I think tea is a gourmet pleasure, but I have to admit that it also replaced soda and candy for me. So yes, I do appreciate fancy smancy roasted oolong, but I sometimes buy more pedestrian flavors like chocolate. Unfortunately, almost no chocolate teas taste like anything at all. Luckily, though Steepster, a tea rating site, I heard of Tisano.

Suffice to say, it tastes deliciously like chocolate. Not sweet, just like what good raw chocolate tastes like. Definitely a winner! And it's made from fair-trade minimally processed chocolate! If you miss hot chocolate or chai, this is something to consider! No sugar.