Vintage food for vintage clothing


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 Has anyone noticed that most modern dresses are basically glorified bags with elastic waists or something just bags that you are supposed to wear a belt around? Rarely do you have to shop based on waist measurements anymore. I suppose that's because fewer and fewer women have defined slim waists. Modern dresses provide lots of give or completely hide the waist. The result is ugly formless clothing that is unflattering even if you have a waist. 

Bag or dress?

50s era dress I own with clearly defined femine waist

When people ask how I manage to fit into the vintage clothing I love, I simply tell them I eat "vintage" food- lard, whole milk, grassfed meat, wild fish, fermented vegetables... and nothing "non vintage."  Of course in the past the quest for a waist sometimes went into extremes with tight corsets, but overall I strive for a natural but defined waist. 

Maybe it's old-fashioned, but I suppose my main fitness goal is merely to fit into these lovely old dresses that I have invested in.