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I recently made a big change to this site's newsletter. Previously, it was a Google Feedburner newsletter than went out every time a new post came up. Now I'll be managing it myself. It will go out once a week and feature this weeks posts, as well as bonus content like my favorite links and recipes! Subscribe on the sidebar or with this form.

What's Cooking? 

One of my new favorite snacks is sweet potatoes cut into fries and then baked. Then I dip them in this delicious duck-fat aioli! Substitute a cold-pressed fruit oil for canola of course. Duck fat aioli also goes well on salads or with grilled asparagus if you are not into carbs :)

The Healthy Cooking Coach posted a delicious looking recipe for jerk pork ribs with crunchy kale. I can't wait to try it! I'm also hoping to try my hand at savory Japanese custard this week. How about meyer lemon chicken and asparagus? Or garlic and rosemary roast lamb? Or some lovely raw tuna poke salad?

What's Interesting?

From vegan to subsistence hunter, Tundra Topics explores the sticky topic of eating "cute" animals. Another great vegan turned hunter blog is A Mindful Carnivore.

Check out John Durant's new website!

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Supplements, they just aren't as good as foods.

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Antibiotics and Disease.

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