The Wooly Pigs are COMING!


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The Eating Paleo in NYC Meetup is having a big supper club Wednesday and I've found that yes, Twitter is really useful. I bet you are wondering WTF is that pig? Well, it's a Wooly Pig, AKA a mangalitsa. Mangalitsa are from Hungary, which is one of my favorite travel destinations, but I've also eaten them in Austria. What makes them special is not their furry coats, but their ample stores of luscious fat. Unlike American breeds, Mangalitsa are bred to be as fatty as possible and selected for their fat quality. Because of this, they are known as a lard-type pig. Thanks to the low-fat craze, lard-type breeds in the United States almost died out, but in Hungary they flourished.

Farmer Heath Putnam was as impressed as I was by this delicious pork and he decided to import and promote the breed as Wooly Pigs. Thanks to him, the breed has gained a following in the world of haute cuisine. More quietly, it has also gained popularity among people following paleo, traditional, and low-carb diets. If you want lots of good fat... these pigs have more than enough to go around! 

When Heath heard about our supper club on Twitter, he generously offered to donate some Mangalitsa to our menu! I'm not sure what cut it will be, but if you have free time on Monday or Tuesday and want to help me cook it, let me know. The meat comes via Debragga, an excellent butcher in Manhattan (and perhaps the next stop in our paleo walking tour?). If you are looking for things like lard and other fatty meat...they have it! I feel so lucky to live in a city where paleo can flourish thanks to other symbiotic movements like adventerous eating and traditional foods. Even if it means you have to devote most of your income to living in a teeny tiny apartment with 50 other people...well, as least you can use the rest to buy delicious LARD.

There is one spot left for the dinner, but I'd be happy to offer another to anyone willing to help me cook.