The Urban Deerslayer in NYC


Want to learn some hunting basics? Jackson Landers of the NYtimes urban hunters article will be in NYC doing a workshop next week.

My First Slaughter

I love conferences, but strangely enough I never leave them feeling very happy. I guess that's because the type of learning that I value so much, which happens at these conferences, is also the kind that brings up tough questions about everything.

The Twitter Paleo

 My answers to the ten most common question I get about paleo in 140 characters or less for Twitter:

What does it mean to eat paleo?
Eat simply: meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Oh, and learn to love fat!

Why paleo?

Grains/sugar/legumes/seeds/dairy are new foods and not part of our evolutionary continuum and eating them causes diseases of "civilization"

How did you get started with paleo?

Eat Local, Eat Paleo

Weekend Nonsense


The gate of knowledge is closed!

Oh how ungrateful I was back then when I was enrolled in a big university. I didn't realize how annoying it would be to not have access to a large academic library. Sciencedirect now asks me to pay five gazillion dollars for the studies I want to read. It almost makes me want to enroll in school again. 



With most big proponents of the paleo diet being male and the general taboo against this subject, it's not surprising that menstruation and the paleo diet is little discussed. That's a shame, because the beneficial effects of the paleo diet on menstruation is one of the main reasons I keep to the diet. 

Scots Wha Hae

 A while back I read an article mentioning a book called Prehistoric Cookery. It had some interesting ideas, so I bought the book.

Children and Food Allergies

IGe tests aren't very accurate, apparently. But I wonder if the presence of "benign" antibodies is really so benign. Maybe it means that the gut permeability is too high. Either way, I probably wouldn't feed my children peanut butter. I love love love peanut butter and it's one of the non-paleo foods I truly miss, but peanut production is rife with mold problems from farm to fork and peanut butter is very high probably rancid PUFAS.