Paleo Party and Weekly Eats

 What do people eating an evolutionarily appropriate diet eat? Well. lots of things, as I try to demonstrate with my paleo foods section.Eating Paleo in NYC had a great party last night and it was wonderful to see the huge diversity of food on the menu and to meet everyone!


First Paleo Meatshare

Erwan Le Corre, John Durant, and Andrew at the farm

De gustibus non est disputandum


Hungary for pork?

Quick Notes on Acid Base Balance

 I think the post at Whole Health Source is a good summary and has a good discussion in the comments. Really, the whole theory that some foods are alkalizing and others acidifying doesn't seem like anything more than a hypothesis based on a some epidemiological studies and anecdotes. Its a particularly popular theory in raw vegan circles, which is kind of ironic.

The Picky Cycle

Whole Foods Boycott?


Is your food intolerance a "fad"?

 An article in the Telegraph says that we are in the midst of an epidemic of fake faddish food allergies

Rancid Fats


Insane Factoid of the Day

 "I'm going to Florida. I'll stop my vitamin D because I'm going to lay in the sun." 
Wrong. 90% of adults over 40 years old have lost the majority of their ability to activate vitamin D in the skin. A typical response might be an increase in blood level from 25 to 35 ng/ml--a 10 ng increase with a dark brown tan.