Phytic Acid: taking off the paleo blinders

Nuts are delicious...they aren't a grain, they are full of fat, low-carb, they are "paleo" what is there not to love? 

Apparently, lots. I addressed their imbalance of fats in a previous post and how they probably aren't paleo, but today an article on Cheeseslave about dental health got me interested in more:

GERD and fructooligosaccharides

Another consideration for GERD via Whole Health Sourcefermentable carbs, specifically fructooligosaccharides (FOS) might make it worse. It makes sense- colonic fermentation seems to play a huge role in digestive disorders. A low fermentative diet, the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, has long been used for inflammatory bowl disease.

The Seedy Side of Paleo


woman will be happy when I spend all day gathering 1000 tiny seeds to make tahini with instead of clubbing a deer

What about the Okinawans?

I hear it all the time: why not just eat a diet like the Okinawans, the healthiest and longest lived people in the world? Traditionally they ate rice, tofu, and almost no meat! Unfortunately after WWII Americans introduced bad foods like pork and now disease rates are increasing.

That's the conventional narrative at least. Honestly, I'm not sure about the Okinawan diet. Most of the people discussing it are Americans with some sort of ax to grind. I would love to hear some Okinawan voices tell us what they actually ate, but those are few and far between. 

Paradise Lost?




Are you still putting your leftovers in Tupperware or old plastic takeout containers? Well, you are not alone and that just mystifies me. When I see someone putting their short ribs into a scratched container that they got when they ordered Chinese food ten years ago, I want to tell them about Ball jars...and how they are ballin'

Traditional Foolishness

There is plenty to learn from traditional cultures, but it's also important to remember that they didn't know everything and there are plenty of traditions that are foolish in the light of modern science.

Paleo On The Go

This might come to shock you, but when I first started the paleo diet I almost never cooked. I had two technology jobs, a full courseload, and the only kitchen appliances I had in my closet-like apartment were a micro-fridge and a microwave.

More Banned Food

Another nutritious food that is banned in the US is haggis, the traditional Scottish sheep offal delicacy. There were some reports this week that the ban had been lifted, but alas, these were squashed.

History of Human Misery: Where do you want to be?

Gene Expression has a facinating post on the transition from foraging to agriculture and how it affected human welfare. The graph Razib drew is interesting: