Dances With Vegans II: Kale Chips


I admit it, sometimes I crave snacks. When it's movie night and everyone is eating popcorn (and yes, corn is a grain), being paleo can mean feeling left out. Of course there are nuts, but I like to watch my consumption of those because while they have lots of nutrients, they can also mess up your ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 if you eat too much. 

The Fast Runner Trilogy


The Fast Runner trilogy is available free online. The films are made by Inuits and for Inuits and are a great window into a way of life that few of us are truly aware of beyond "Eskimo" stereotypes. 

Getting Real About Chocolate


Let's get real about chocolate. First of all not paleo: it requires advanced processing and the addition of sugar to make it edible. If you found the raw fruit growing on the tree it would taste pretty gross. 

I can haz calories


Eating Paleo Around the World: Må bra med stenåldersmat

Interested in seeing the blogs of Swedes eating paleo, I did a search for stenåldersmat, which roughly translates to Stone Age Food. A good word to know in case you have to explain your diet to a Swedish person for some strange reason.

Chicken meatballs, eggs, mango, avocado

Squash Soup Method


I misplaced my camera, so I drew this on MS Paint. It's probably better than the pictures I take anyway.