Dances With Vegans I: Dr. Cow Cheese

 In an ongoing series where I test out products obviously meant for vegans, not paleo weirdos. 

This time it's Dr. Cow Cheese, made in Brooklyn for the indigenous vegan population and purchased at the local co-op, an ancient Brooklyn hunting and gathering ground guarded over by a tribe of ancient and bitter hippies. 

The Traditional Nutrition Diet

While paleo dieters eat diverse diets that can include a wide variety of vegetables, the main dish is usually meat. While I think this diet is an optimal one, good meat is expensive and some people just don't feel comfortable eating lots of meat from an ethical, visceral, or spiritual standpoint. My father is a big proponent of paleo, but my mother has told me she doesn't want to eat so much meat. 

Wild Life, Wild Food in Sweden

 I looked in the mirror with dismay. Right on my left eyeball was a blood vessel that had swelled to the size of a small red lightening blot. I knew I had been spending too much time on the computer, working on server migrations and slogging though the process of learning PhP. The effects were written all over my poor eye. 

The wisdom of children

5-year-old Esther helps her mom process moose on Tundra Topics:

Esther was so funny -- when she was helping me, she said with a sigh, "I love messing around with meat. Look! There are all of my favorite colors in this meat!" (I think she was talking about the pink in the meat and the silver of the fat/membrane). What fun to have a hardy Alaskan child.


Reading and thinking

From the reviews of the Continuum Concept on Amazon, an interesting question:

Foraging at Yagura in Midtown

I packed the foods that would make up my lunch carefully: bright green arugula, crispy kale, a few clementines. I knew I had bacon from The Piggery in the fridge at the office and I envisioned a delicious stir fry. But somehow I managed to leave the entire bag on the table as I rushed to work.

A Marrow Bone Grows in Brooklyn

 An interesting exploration of the growing demand for meat in New York City

Nassim Taleb on "they only lived until they were 30 meme"

The argument often heard about primitive people living on average less than 30 years ignores distribution around such average --life expectancy needs to be analyzed conditionally. Plenty died early, from injuries, many lived very long --and healthy --lives. This is exactly the very same elementary "fooled by randomness" mistake, relying on the notion of "average" in the presence of variance, that makes people underestimate the risks in the stock market.

In "Why I Do All This Walking"