New York Diet 1

I'm still paying for this weekend. No, not in hangovers, but in thigh soreness from Tabeta squats, which my body was introduced to on Saturday at our Crossfit intro meetup. Yes, this is a great motivation for actually start working out at Crossfit. I do squats sometimes, but I was really impressed...and so were my thighs.

A meat lover's notes

I think some people mistakenly think lamb, deer, and other similar ruminants are leaner than they actually are because many times their fat is discarded. That is a shame. I think you should at least taste an animal's fat before discarding it. Ruminants do tend to convert things to fat less gracefully than pigs do. Lard is nearly always tasty until a pig has been fed something truly horrible. Tallow and other ruminant fats can be a lot more variable.

Middle of the Way

I was listening to Chris Masterjohn's interview and his meal of raw egg and orange reminded me of this:

Middle of the Way
Galway Kinnell

Bread Vs. Lard

John Durant's latest post on Before & Afters reminded me of this pair of photos:

Eating a bagel

Making lard

Neanderthal diets included some grains

FYI: if you've told your family about the paleo diet, some time this week you are liable to get sent this article Neanderthals may have feasted on meat and two veg diet by your Aunt Maude, who was dismayed last Thanksgiving when you didn't want two helpings of her refried bean casserole.

The Hipster Diet

Whenever I get off the train at Bedford Ave., I feel like I'm in Stockholm again. Everyone is super-skinny and wearing the latest fashions. I go into a hip clothing boutique and can only fit into a size medium, when normally I wear an XS petite. Where am I? The domain of the hipsters in Williamsburg.

My Little Delicious Pony

Guess what I had for dinner last night at a super secret supper club? Hint, "I'm so hungry I could eat a _____."

Yes, this is horse heart with truffles. Oh, I can just hear the gasps of horror right now. This was from Quebec, where it is legal. In most of Europe it's still eaten.

How do I love thee, neolithic foods

Have you seen Chris Masterjohn's latest post? Since his last posts have been rather serious, I thought he was seriously going to write a paleo book. ANd I thought...well that's quite a bit unlike the Chris I know and a little odd to boot. But seriously, it reminds me of all the reasons I'm not writing a book any time soon.

Reader Questions

And now I shall answer a reader question

What were they *really* making with those starches?

I hate to beat a dead horse with this "paleo bread" news blather, but I don't know why this didn't occur to me before. So these archaeologists think that people laboriously dug up these roots and ground them up. And they assume they made bread for them, bread that they admit was "not very tasty." Hmm, maybe these researchers aren't exactly the life of the party, but I can't imagine people doing all these work for shitty pita bread.