What were they *really* making with those starches?

I hate to beat a dead horse with this "paleo bread" news blather, but I don't know why this didn't occur to me before. So these archaeologists think that people laboriously dug up these roots and ground them up. And they assume they made bread for them, bread that they admit was "not very tasty." Hmm, maybe these researchers aren't exactly the life of the party, but I can't imagine people doing all these work for shitty pita bread.

Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch

There was stirring all around me there. Little sqeaking and whirs, as if the heavy brush and golden dry grasses were a flammable machine. I couldn't believe how dry it was there. It seemed incredible that with all the potential sparks in the old barn full of rusted farm machinery, that this wasn't a place of eternal fire.

Eating Paleo in California

Two weeks ago I went with my father to California to visit my distant cousin. He has a ranch with an impressive citrus grove, since he collects rare citrus. I certainly have much to post about it, but I've been so busy lately. It seems surreal that it was not long ago I was enjoying the most perfect figs in the world. And a 14- course dinner at Manresa, a Michelin-starred restaurant my cousin supplies with chanterelles and rare lemons.


I have been traveling and now have a lot of blogging to catch up on. Quick note here: Takashi is amazing. It's a little Japanese place in the West Village doing Korean-style Japanese Barbeque. Whatever that is, it seems to be a first course of perfectly marinated melt-in-your mouth raw grassfed meat and a second course of barbecued offal. The bad news is it's very hard to get a seat, but it's the most wonderfully paleo place I've been to so far in NYC.

Eating Peruvian Food

I will forewarn you with the fact that this post involves the eating of animals that many Americans consider pets. Which is a damn shame...why are American parents being food for their children to keep as pets? It precludes many delicious culinary experiences and everyone knows that parents who get Little Timmy (to use Bourdain's literary device) Floofy the Rabbit instead of Fido are just lazy. 

Paleo Shitlist #1

And now for a new feature: The Paleo Shitlist, featuring products that masquerade as healthy, but that kind of aren't. First up is Annie's Green Goddess Dressing:

I need to get my camera fixed...

From last year in sweden, when I bothered to take pictures of my food

Lemon curd with currants

Paleo Chicken Vs. Domestic Chicken

Domestic "vegetarian-fed" chickens typically eat soy, wheat, and corn- grains high in omega-6 fatty acids, which they pass on to you.

Pastured domestic chickens get to forage for insects, but still almost always are fed a ration of soy/wheat/corn.

Shopping on Freshdirect

Frugal it's not, but for busy New York City professionals time is money and Freshdirect does save time. Luckily, their product line has also improved recently and there are several wild local seafood options and even a limited selection of grass-fed local meat. I usually only use Freshdirect if I'm working on an important project with a tight deadline. Despite being kind of expensive, it's a lot cheaper and healthier than the alternative when I'm busy...which is eating takeout.

So what's good at Freshdirect?

The Feast

Last night when I took off my shirt I was horrified to find a small black speck on my stomach. It was a tick, a souvenir from Virginia, feasting upon my blood. I had showered many times since returning to the city, but perhaps it had hid in my thick dark head of hair.

I had been feasting on blood myself. The blood of a fallow deer, killed for my hunting class with a perfect shot to the head that preserved her still grace in heavy lidded glassy eyes.